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How to use a diffuser

12th October, 2021

Self care shouldn’t just be limited to times when we feel on the verge of burnout. With a little bit of day to day TLC, we can keep ourselves topped up with feel-good vibes on a regular basis. That’s where an essential oil diffuser could be the perfect addition to your me-time toolkit. But if oil diffusers aren’t yet in your personal care vocabulary, here’s all you need to know.

What is an essential oil diffuser?

Essential oil diffusers are a safe, natural way to enhance your surroundings. Also known as aromatherapy diffusers or simply oil diffusers, they disperse tiny molecules of essential oils through the air. By carefully selecting which oils you use with your diffuser, you can create various different moods within your space, whether you’re looking to feel uplifted and energized, relaxed or inspired.

How do I use a diffuser?

Once you’ve completed the quick and easy initial setup (take a peek at those instructions!), here’s how to use your essential oil diffuser to its full potential:

1) Choose the perfect spot

While you can of course position it pretty much anywhere in your home, where you put your diffuser will depend on the kind of mood you’re looking to create. If you’re after some R&R, you might want to place it on your nightstand to create a peaceful ambiance in your bedroom. If it’s creative inspiration you need, why not pop it on your desk for a pick-me-up while you work? While the choices are numerous, diffusers tend to work better when placed on an elevated surface, so that air can circulate more easily around the space.

2) Pick scents to suit

The wonderful thing about essential oils is that as there are so many different options available, you can create more or less any ambiance you could imagine depending on what you choose. For instance, while lavender essential oil is traditionally used for calming, cardamom can help invigorate and stir up that inner fire, and rose can help increase libido. Our trio of bespoke CASA Home essential oil blends have been carefully put together to work perfectly with our diffuser. Good Mornings combines cardamom and neroli for invigoration, Bright Moments brings together jasmine and rose to spark imagination, and Quiet Evenings, with lavender and benzoin, is a one-way ticket to relaxation. Just add 7 drops of your chosen blend to your diffuser, plug it in and let it do its magic.

3) Upgrade your daily rituals

As with any new additions to your self care routine, with time and experimentation you’ll discover how to truly make your diffuser work for you, and which aromas you most crave at certain times of day – and before you know it, diffusing will be second nature! But for a head start, if you already have a well-established wellness regime, why not integrate your diffuser into that? Some relaxing scents during your night-time pampering session, for instance, or energizing aromas during your morning Yoga With Adriene class.

4) Just breathe

Aromatherapy can help shape our moods in numerous ways – including encouraging deep breathing, which is proven to lower blood pressure. So once your diffuser is up and running with your chosen oil, there’s nothing left to do but take a few deep breaths and let the power of scent get to work. You’ll be in a new headspace in no time!

A diffuser with a difference

So you’re ready to diffuse, but which diffuser to choose? Tongue twister aside, we like to think our CASA Home diffuser is a little special. With its sleek, minimalist form made from soft-touch ceramic and inspired by Mediterranean modernist architecture, it’s designed to look great in any space. Unlike some other diffusers which use heat – which can alter the properties of the delicate oils – ours disperses a fine fragrance mist using water vapour created from its internal tank. And the CASA Home diffuser set even includes a matching ceramic refill jug for those who, like us, are all about the details.

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