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The mood-shaping magic of fragrance

10th June, 2021

The power of scent can sometimes be underestimated. It goes without saying that candles and essential oils should make your home smell good. But the best fragrances can do so much more than that.

Scents can be inspiring, emotive and revitalising. They can transform your home into an oasis of calm, a hive of energy or a place of creativity.

Based on the principles of aromatherapy and wellness, essential oils - the liquid extracted and formed from plants, flowers and natural ingredients - can be used to support mental and physical wellbeing.

That’s because your sense of smell is closely connected to key parts of the brain that control your emotions. Smell is controlled by something called the olfactory bulb, that sits at the front of your brain and sends messages to the rest of the body’s command centre. Odours get a fast pass to what’s called to the limbic system, including the amygdala and the hippocampus, which are the parts of the brain related to emotion and memory.

This means your sense of smell has a mighty power; to trigger emotions and transform your mood. Every time you smell something, it stimulates the synapses in your brain, releasing the hormones that have their hand on the steering wheel of all our bodily functions.

So let’s take a look at some of the mighty ingredients that could work wonders when it comes to transforming your mood.


Lavender is the go-to scent for relaxation for good reason. The scent can help to calm the mind and body almost immediately. Studies have also shown that lavender can help to effectively ease sleep problems and depression.


Vanilla has been found to elevate feelings of both joy and relaxation - and who wouldn’t want that. It’s often seen as an ideal base note in fragrances for both men and women, thanks to its versatility and it being a ‘happy scent’. Maybe that’s why we can’t stop eating vanilla ice-cream too…


A beautiful flower to look at, the sweet scent of jasmine also has a lot to offer. Studies have found that the flower helps to boost your alertness, and even help to ease depressive thoughts. The stimulating effect of jasmine oil has been found to lead to an uplifted mood. A pretty flower that really punches above its weight.


The wonderful rose flower doesn’t just look nice in a pot in your backyard. The scent of the flower has also been found to help ease anxiety, bolster mental strength and boost self-esteem. And it’s considered a romantic flower for a reason, the scent can act as an aphrodisiac - boosting your libido in the bedroom.


While you might associate a whiff of cinnamon with Fall and cozy nights in, the spice can also boost your brain. Researchers found that a smell of cinnamon improved cognitive functions like visual-motor response, working memory and attention span.


Pine trees are not just for Christmas it turns out. While they might look nice in your front room with fairy lights on, the scent of pine has also been found to lower stress levels and depression. Those with anxiety were also found to have a greater feeling of relaxation. Christmas all year round anyone?

These are just a few of the mood-shaping powerhouses of the natural world. From citrus to spice, pumpkin to peppermint, there is a whole world of ingredients out there that can help transform the way we feel.

At CASA Home we’ve combined some of these incredible ingredients into three signature blends that can help to transform your home and your mood.

Good Mornings is a blend of cardamon and neroli which combine to help you feel more energised; Quiet Evenings is a mix of lavender and benzoin to help you feel more calm; while in Bright Moments we’ve crafted together jasmine and rose to inspire greater creativity.

By Rob, CASA Home