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Product Care

Follow the tips below to see how you can best enjoy the diffuser, essential oils and candles.

Diffuser Care

Diffuser Care

Inspired by Mediterranean modernist design, simple, minimal and modern. Soak up the benefits.

Use your CASA Home Diffuser in an open location with good air-flow.

Regularly clean the water tank to prevent oil build-up and get the best fragrance experience.

If you have any problems please refer to the instruction booklet for ideas or drop us an email at help@hellocasahome.com.

Essential Oils Use

Essential Oils Use

Avoid diffusing different blends together, each one of our scents has been thoughtfully made to be enjoyed on its own to match your mood.

For the strongest aroma we recommend adding 7 drops.

Try using Good Mornings to start your day, inspire creativity throughout the day by diffusing Bright Moments and chillout in the evening with Quiet Evenings.

Candle Care

Candle Care

Candles help to enhance your home and with a 50 hour burn time you can just keep burning.

Trim the wick to 1/4" before you first light to ensure an even burn.

After you've used your candle, repurpose the jar to hold cotton balls or similar.

The candle's top can double as a coaster for drinks.

To clean your matte ceramic jar use a clean damp cloth and rub the surface gently to remove any marks or scratches.