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The Trio

Candles for mornings, evenings and moments $95

Happy CASA Community

"Home office decor is coming together, thanks CASA!"

Laura S. Brandon MS

"OMG these coasters for the CASA candles are TOO CUTE!"

Sally-Anne, Rochester NY

"Wakey wakey!"

Alex, Boston

"New addition to my bedtime routine... the CASA quiet evening candle"

Hayley, Bakersfield

"Sweet dreams, moon children x"

Sadie, Kansas City

"The latest addition to my sanctuary, this candle from CASA... smells and looks great I love it"

Iggy, Austin TX

"This + Coffee! CASA have nailed it with this morning scent, it drags me out from under the duvet"

Eleanor, Portland

"I'm usually a candles in the bath after dinner kinda gal, but I have to say, the BM CASA candle really is great company when WFHing"

Rosanna, Chicago

"And relaaaaax :) x"

Bobbington, Denver

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