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The Candle Set

A scent for every mood $95
  • 8 oz

    10oz (20oz with ceramic jar), H3.75", D3.25" each

  • 50 hour burn time

    50 hour burn time each

  • essential oils

    Made with essential oils

  • natural wax blend

    Natural wax blend, ceramic jar

  • Shipping

    Free shipping

Meet the gift of scent, give it to someone special or treat yourself. Each scent inspires a different mood. Need creativity? Want to chill into the evening? Get fired up in the morning? We've got a natural essential oils scented candle for that! And this is a gift that keeps giving, a portion of every purchase is donated to A Sense of Home, a nonprofit striving to prevent homelessness.

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  • Natural essential oils

    Natural essential oils with mood-shaping ingredients, all blended in France

  • Vegan & cruelty-free

    Vegan, cruelty-free, AND free of sulphates, parabens and synthetic colors

  • Responsible, traceable sourcing

    We work with ethical farmers and only use responsibly sourced ingredients

  • Recyclable

    Made with completely traceable ingredients, everything can be tracked to source!

  • Donates to ASOH

    We share a portion of every sale with our nonprofit partner, A Sense of Home

How it works

Keep the wick trimmed to ½” for the best experience, extinguish by blowing out (don't use the coaster for extinguishing or it will ruin it!). Our candles burn for 50 hours, that's 10 dinner parties.

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